Remote Desktop Extension for Google Chrome

Remote Desktop Extension for Google Chrome

Here is a simple process to follow to add the Chrome Remote Desktop software.

  1. Open Chrome and log into your Google account
  2. Once logged in, open another tab and enter the following URL –
  3. You should arrive at the Chrome Remote Desktop screen; click the blue circle with the white down arrow to download Chrome Remote Desktop software & extension.
Be patient while the software downloads and installs. You will be prompted to allow it to continue installing.

Accessing and Using the New Chrome Remote Desktop Website

New and existing Chrome Remote Desktop users can easily use our new web version.

  1. Access
  2. Use the “Remote Access” tab to set up remote access of devices you own, or use devices you already have configured.
  3. Use the “Remote Support” tab to get support from a trusted friend or family member, or to give support to someone else.
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